Kids Best Friend Girls Pink Stool, Ideal Gift, Take It Along in Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom and Living Room.

This “Kids Best Friend Take It Along Girls Pink Stool” is perfct for kids and toddlers of every age. It can and will give a boost to even older kids! It is perfect for what you want it, will serve your kids in reaching high places including a sink to wash his or her hands or to brushing teeth and especially for potty training. With the easy to wash off material it is made of and the non skid rubbers protecting it from all sides will allow it to grow to be wet and still not slip or slide. These stools stack very nicely one on top of one another, so go ahead and buy this at the side of one of our other colors like Blue,Green and Purple and it is going to serve the whole family at once and when they’re done you just stack them nicely and they store beautifully.
Perfect Stool for potty training, to be used in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room
Sturdy, comfortable and secure stool for children all ages
Anti-Slip top will prevent your child from slipping and falling
Anti-Slip grips at the bottom of the stool will keep it sturdy, preventing slipping
Will give a boost to your toddler as well, has a max load of over 70 LBS, With a height of just over 5 inches it is going to work perfectly for potty training your 2 year old

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