1964 Hallmark BEATLES Complete 5 Piece Stamps Set Vintage Rare! Includes 1964 Hallmark Beatles Stamps of John Lennon, Paul McCartney,George Harrison,Ringo Starr and Beatles Group ! Over 50 years Old !

Wowzzer!! What a Very Distinctive and Very Beatles Collectible!! Take a look at this VINTAGE Rare Beatles item over 50 Years old !**We are Very Proud to supply this Complete 5 Piece 1964 Hallmark Beatles Premiere Edition Stamps  ! This Complete Set includes all FIVE(5) 1964 Hallmark Beatles Stamps ! You get John Lennon ,Paul McCartney,George Harrison,Ringo Starr and Beatles Group Stamp that incorporates all 4 Beatles In combination!!   What an Implausible Vintage Beatles Collectible ! Makes a Great Gift for all Beatles Fans ! These authentic Beatles Collectibles were produced in 1964 on the height of the Beatles craze in keeping with their fans’ demand for Beatles Memorabilia! These stamps are very rare and are in great condition, especially taking into account they’re over 50 years old!
Beatles 1964 Hallmark Complete 5 Piece Stamp Set !
Rare Vintage Set over 50 Years old ! Amazing Distinctive Beatles Collectible !
Includes Stamps of John Lennon, Paul McCartney
George Harrison,Ringo Starr and Awesome Group Stamp of all 4 Beatles !
The PERFECT Gift for all Beatles Fans !

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