Home and Landscape Design Premium with NexGen Technology v3

Design the fast and easy way. Intuitive tools provide a fun way to design your dream home, remodel your kitchen or bath even plan room additions. Design an outside living area or experiment with landscaping by importing a photo, adding plants, custom fence and use the ‘grow’ feature to age your landscape over the years. It couldn’t be easier; drag and drop rooms with nexgen technology. Drop in furniture groupings even landscape gardens with a single mouse click. Exclusive SmartWand makes decorating a room or the whole house so simple as drag and drop.
Get Began Quickly by laying out your rooms with QuickStart you’ll drag and drop rooms together to create the very best living space
A mouse click it’s going to robotically build the walls in 3d and even create a roof
Browse the sample plans provided to find a plan style that interests you
Import a photo of your own home the usage of PhotoView then landscape the photo
Drop in pre-created rooms of furniture with a mouse click

from Products – Home Deco Store https://www.homedecostore.net/product/home-and-landscape-design-premium-with-nexgen-technology-v3/
http://ifttt.com/images/no_image_card.png via Home Decor Store


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