TurboCAD LTE v8. Works like AutoCAD LT

Complete Drafting and Detailing TurboCAD® LTE v8 is a comprehensive 2D CAD package that offers an AutoCAD-like UI and command line, in addition to the entire features you look for in AutoCAD LT, at a fraction of the price. More Than an AutoCAD Work-Alike More than an AutoCAD LT work-alike, TurboCAD LTE provides many more powerful features, including: 64-bit version GPU-accelerated drawing engine Self-healing walls and self-aligning blocks Reinforce for Xrefs Deal with-based editing Smart dimensioning tools Enhanced layer manager Hatch pattern editor Transparent fills File Reinforce for .DWG, .DXF, .SKP and more! Low Learning Curve In case you are already acquainted with AutoCAD LT, the keystrokes, command line, and interface in TurboCAD LTE Pro make it easy to jump right in. There is not any wish to re-learn what you recognize. High CAD File Compatibility TurboCAD LTE offers a superior workflow with AutoCAD, SketchUp, and lots of more CAD and graphic file formats

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