hiccapop Toddler Bed Rail Bumper / Foam Safety Guard for Bed – Side Rail with Waterproof Cover – Pillow Pad for Toddlers, Kids

Don’t hassle with confusing directions to old school bed rails. Your toddler doesn’t need a prison. Just a gentle reminder that they are close to the edge of the bed.

The hiccapop sleep bumper is the ideal alternative. Made with premium quality non-toxic foam and covered with a water-resistant cover, this bed rail provides your toddler with a Protected night sleep and a clear moral sense for you.

The Perfect Height
We have made our foam bed bumper steeper to ensure that active toddlers and children cannot easily roll out of bed.

Easy to Install
Simply put the hiccapop side rail underneath fitted sheets and disregard about it! It is going to rest upon your mattress and be held in place by the sheets. Our product is designed for maximum peace of mind, and installation is a key focal point for hiccapop.

Interaction With Your Child
Our guardrail is convenient for multiple reasons. Parents can sit on the guard rail even as reading a story to their children – which is cumbersome with most bed railing products.

Product Specifics
The bumper is 52″ long, 7” wide, and 4.5” high, providing full protection for your child. The machine-washable cover can be cleaned with a rag and appropriate cleaner.

Avoid Expensive and Inconvenient Bed Rails Including Inflatable Rails That Deflate
Not only are bed rails expensive, they are incredibly heavy and hard to store. Those that are inflatable pop easily and deflate continuously. The hiccapop bed rail takes only a couple minutes to install and will not do any harm your back all through setup. Once your child outgrows the bed rail, simply take it out, roll it up and store it in a closet. You’ll even roll it up to take on trips.

Be a few of the thousands of other parents that have joined the bed rail revolution and add this bumper to your cart now.
PASSIVE-SAFETY PROTECTION – Invented at Stanford University based on the principle of “Passive-Safety Protection,” the gentle touch of the bumper subconsciously triggers your child’s natural “Passive-Safety” response, letting them know they are close to danger and should move away.
PHTHALATE & BPA Free Polyurethane Foam with NO FLAME RETARDANTS, WATER-RESISTANT, WASHABLE COVER **NOW WITH UPDATED NON-SKID BOTTOM **, Protected Non-toxic foam – Stays firmly in place.
PERFECT PROTECTION FOR ACTIVE SLEEPERS – hiccapop bumpers are the perfect height and ideally sized to allow ample room for your little one to stretch out even as sleeping. hiccapop bumpers fit toddler beds, twin, full, double, queen and king beds.
INSTALLS SAFELY IN SECONDS, FITS UNDER ALL DEEP-FITTED SHEETS – Unlike traditional metal bed rails, hiccapop bumpers install safely in seconds and eliminate the dangers associated with inflatable bed rails.
PASSES ALL FEDERAL SAFETY STANDARDS FOR BEDRAILS – hiccapop bedrails are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, PHTHALATE & BPA Free. Unmatched quality and backed by a 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

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