HEM Incense Sticks Best Sellers 6 Boxes X 20 Grams, Variety Pack, Total 120 Gm (#2)

This incense is made in India, hand rolled from the best ingredients. Every box has about 20 sticks. You’re going to receive 6 boxes of 20 sticks. Every box has a special scent, this lot (2) incorporates the next flavors: amber sandal, eucalyptus, opium, Egyptian jasmine, treasured lavender & lemongrass.
Very best promoting incense fragrances from hem corporation
Handcrafted in India
6 boxes – Every of 20 grams, total 120 grams (about 120 sticks)

from Products – Home Deco Store https://www.homedecostore.net/product/hem-incense-sticks-best-sellers-6-boxes-x-20-grams-variety-pack-total-120-gm-2/
http://ifttt.com/images/no_image_card.png via Home Decor Store


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