2PCS Stainless-Steel Kitchen Sink Strainer – Large Wide Rim 4.5″ Diameter – Perfect for Kitchen Sinks (Large) – Fengbao

Are you struggling to keep your kitchen sink from clogging? Are you tired of constantly having to replace flimsy, inefficient sink strainers?
Stop the sea of inadequate gadgets flooding your trash, and save big on plumbing expenses now! Fengbao 4.5″ dia. Stainless Steel Sink Strainer is the top quality solution to get the job done and exceed your expectations!

Easy, efficient, clean use
“Water IN. Food OUT. Thank you.” could easily be the motto for Fengbao 4.5″ dia. Stainless Steel Sink Strainer. Indeed, it shields the pipes from ever encountering food particles whilst dirty dishwater and other liquid glide through seamlessly. This little kitchen essential is easy to install and efficient, it will make a big impression as it gets the job done.
Fengbao sink strainer fits most size drain area even with a built-in sink protector, the strainer stays firmly put.
Most of the time of thumb, empty the collected debris on a regular basis with a simple tap over the garbage bin.
Hand wash or quick rinse with the kitchen hose really helpful to keep the mirror finish shine impeccable through the years.

Tough Stainless Steel built for long-lasting service
Don’t be fooled by the sleek appearance, Fengbao 4.5″ dia. strainers are engineered to endure daily, utilitarian kitchen sink activity. The Stainless Steel robust construction allows for a reliable, rust-free service. Save big on avoidable, recurrent plumbing issues by ensuring long-lasting protection against clogging. Thanks to the 2 mm dia. micro perforations the strainer efficiently prevents even the smallest food particles from going through. Debris are caught whilst liquid goes through unrestricted.
Fengbao sink strainer boasts a 2.75″ micro-perforated bowl area designed to sit down over the drain whilst the contouring metal sheet (2-ply) flat rim rests above providing excellent stability.
Stainless steel construction for reliable, rust-free service. Suited to daily utilitarian use for long-lasting protection against clogging.
Micro-perforation: 2mm dia holes. Efficient anti-clogging shield lets liquid glide seamlessly into the drain whilst it blocks food particles.
4.5″ overall dia. includes 2.75″ micro-perforated bowl area contoured by a 2-ply metal sheet flat rim to rest over sink’s drain.
Easy wash with warm soapy water to keep the mirror finish shine impeccable through the years. Dishwasher protected.

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