Stitches de Sol Hand Embroidery Patterns Mexican Folk Art Inspired Iron On Transfers

New Iron On Embroidery Patterns from SeptemberHouse have arrived! A selection of some of SeptemberHouse’s most popular pattern collections are now available as iron-on transfers Each pattern in this collection was inspired by the folk art traditions of Mexico. It’s my hope that the love of color and life that provided so much inspiration to me will show in these embroidery designs and that you will enjoy bringing that same love to your own needle craft projects. Here is what you will find in this set: Three decorative animal embroidery patterns – a butterfly, a pair of birds and a rabbit. All three are animals found in traditional Mexican folk art. I hope you will enjoy these fun and easy-to-stitch variations. A fun collection of more than 8 different modern flower designs. Several are offered in two different sizes. One border design. This can also be stitched continuously and seamlessly. Instructions for ironing this design onto fabric continuously are included. Pattern can be ironed several times though it will appear lighter with subsequent ironings. A stitch guide is included along with the patterns but I always encourage others to go ahead and try other combinations as well. Here are all the materials you will receive: ■ 1 Iron-On Transfer sheet containing designs more than 6 different embroidery designs. Don’t toss these transfers out after just one use – they can be ironed on again for several more projects ■ A full color insert with Instructions on the back for how to iron these patterns on to your fabric ■ An additional insert containing a stitch guide, recommendations for fabrics, floss, embroidery stitches and projects. ■ These are all contained in a re-sealable bag so it’s easy to keep all the patterns and instructions together. You Will Need: embroidery floss, fabric, a home iron, scissors and an embroidery hoop. ** NEW 2 for $13 Offer Available Here: **

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